Why Visit

With an understanding of the local printing and packaging industry, Toranj started its official activity with an understanding in late 2010.
This company with the acronymic word Toranj (meaning “bergamot” in Persian) focused its activities on these axes:
Organizing specialized exhibitions Organizing educational courses Research projects
From 2010 to 2013, Toranj organized several annual exhibitions such as the Iranian Calendar Exhibition, Irani- a Digital Printing and Desktop Publishing Exhibition, and the Printing and Packaging Exhibition of the ECO Countries.
 Management of Toranj with a proper grasp of the realities of printing and packaging hopes to facilitate creative means to offer suitable solutions for the coming problems and in its way take a step forward to develop, grow, and upgrade this industry. Toranj team with an understanding of the importance of research and development, with the cooperation of university professors, is ready to establish research development projects in different workshop levels including repairing the equipment, designing development plans, informative plans, and different theoretical research and field studies in the printing and packaging industry.