Market Overview

Iran: A Land Full of History and Wonder.
Capital: Tehran
Official Language: Farsi (Persian)
Local languages: Azeri, Kurdish, Mazandarani, Gilaki, Baluch, and Arabic
Type of Government: Islamic Republic
National Day: April 1st
Area: 1,648,195 km2
Population: 80,829,192 (2017 Estimate)
Density: 48/km2
GDP: 830.850 billion dollars Population Growth Rate: 1.6% Literacy rate: 84.6%

Iran, with a long history in the areas of Mes- Mesopotamia and Transoxiana civilizations, is the heart of the Iranian Plateau, and in the Western region of the vast continent of Asia the region which is now known as the Middle East. - ancient and historical works in Iran date back to more than four thousand years ago.
Iran is surrounded from the north by Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and the Caspian Sea, from the south by the Persian Gulf, and the Oman Sea, and from the west by Iraq
and Turkey, and from the east by Pakistan and Afghanistan. Iran is one of the most unique countries in terms of weather
The difference in weather in the winter between the hottest and coldest spot sometimes reaches more than 50 degrees. In general, Iran is in a region that is located in a semi-arid and dry land.